Sunday, February 8, 2009

GOD'S BLESSINGS & CURSINGS TODAY,everything will fall

THIS BLOG by Prophetess Joan Rogers/Feb.8/09
you have put your trust in your money & your possessions,and not unto Me says the Lord.
I have told you, the love of money is the root of all evil, how it is easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter into heaven..........See, this man, loves his money & trusts his own money & his possessions, and all the things of this world & know not Me at all.
I have told you before, to keep your eyes upon Me & things above and not unto the things of this world.
I have given much to you,provided all of your needs ,says the Lord.You then turned your backs unto Me says the are faithful to this world & unfaithful to Me says the Lord. Your trusts are in the world & all the things therein; so for this reason, My Hand is against you says the Lord.................
******************you will fall********************************************
You will fall and hit rock bottom , see who you will call on when you are in the pit. You will look to the god of this world,and your own resources says the Lord. I remind you, who you turn to & call on, is your god.
*******************I gave you space to repent********************************
Yes, says the Lord, I have given you much space to repent, to turn away from the ways of the world & to come back untoMe,the Only One & True God, who is the Lord your God, & you rejected Me & My Son.
******************everything will fall now***********************************
everything in this world, all around you, that you have trusted in is going to fall now,says the Lord and will be nomore.........the world will nomore be as you have known it says the Lord....everything you have trusted in is going to fail you, you will be lost , confused, in pain, sorry & sick for all of your loss of this world ,says the Lord.
******************in the pit***********************************************
when you are in the pit, no home to call your own, no job, no money, no food, can't pay your bills........who will you call on? Who will deliver you out of your affliction & tribulation?..........I tell you, your money, nor your possessions, will save you now, nor will any man save you , says the indeed do worship your money & all of your have stored up great treasures in this world,and in its' end, will all fade will be destitute,wretched & all alone says the Lord, Naked, without Me..........oh wicked man who hears not My Voice says the Lord,
this is July23,'09 This did come to pass &is coming
*****************you mock & scoff****************************************
you have mocked all my prophets, and My Very Word says the Lord,you scoff at Me & deny My Very Words.......saying I am no more, I have nothing to do with you today.That I only spoke to Israel..........fool, you have chosen death & hell & not Me , says the Lord..................You worship your money & your possessions, every thing but Me says the Lord.
I tell you, everything will collapse says the Lord, and many of you will still deny Me & My Word & will Not Repent back unto Me says the Lord.
****************love the world **********************************************
You love this world and all the things therein....I tell you now, if you love this world , then know I do not know you....
****************My Children**********************************************
My Children, all of My Children abiding in Me,now is the time for you to stand up, wake up,open your eyes, oh , look around you....keeping your trust in Me & not this do not trust in your money but all of your trust is in Me... I know this. I know your hearts. You do not worry, you do not fear says the Lord, you do not worry about the end of your debts, or for your food & clothing as to where it will come from....for I am the Lord your God & I do provide all of your needs, I know what your needs are says the Lord.......for you do seek Me first & give to Me your 1st fruits. I know this says the are going to see all this loss in & of the world, and see yourselves filled, no want , no need for I am your shepherd, I will see you through says the will be amazed, I will never leave you or forsake you,says the Lord. You already see this..blessings so many you cannot contain,says the Lord.

********************I have allowed your mistakes*****************************
Many of My Children, have fallen into debt says the Lord, but I only allowed this for a reason..........I know you will look to Me to deliver you out of, BUT by this mistake, you now can know & feel the pain , loss & sorrow of the world, as you will soon reach out to the lost souls & hurting........leading them, teaching them how & what to do , and show to them, that I am the way the Way Truth & the Life, that I will deliver them
Stop........Stop now says the Lord, do not reach for anymore credit, do not fall into the ways of the world ,trusitng in the banking system & not in Me says the Lord.
I do not want that you do with out. But that you seek Me first when you rise up early in the morning & keeping your eyes upon Me & My Word & things above *& not of this World, and that you trust in Me, Give it all to Me now says the Lord.......just see what I will do for you now.Because you are Mine & you trust in Me...............Have I not told you, the wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous? You will see this says the Lord..........all the falling ,collapse of the world systems, people running to & for, lost , scared, worried , just filled with fear,you will see this, great loss & people saying what in the world is going on?
this has happened & is happening 7/23/09
******************you trust money & the world*******************************
You, you trust in your money & your possessions & not at all in Me says the Lord, you have said in your hearts, I have it all, I have no need of God........I can do it myself, my job provides , You have no fear of the Lord your is the time, you will see what your gods will do for you...see if your gods will hear you & answer you in your tribulations says the Lord.....
******************whosoever repents***************************************
Whosoever will repent,turning away from things of this world & unto Me, become as a child, humbling yourslelves before Me ,cry unto Me for My Salvation & My Fofgiveness, I will hear your hearts cry & I will forgive you & heal you & restore you says the Lord.............
******************no other gods*******************************************
Yes says the Lord, you shall have no other gods before Me, I am a jealous God , I am the Lord your other gods,who & what you trust in is your god.
So, if you will STOP, turn around , come back unto Me says the Lord, I will forgive you, I will restore you, with everlasting life cannot get out of the pit without Me says the Lord.
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